Counselling & Psychotherapy Holborn & Farringdon EC1R 5HL
Counselling & Psychotherapy Holborn & Farringdon EC1R 5HL

Anxiety specialist

Holborn/Clerkenwell WC1


As well as a wide range of issues, I also have a special interest in anxiety and stress.


When you are anxious you can sometimes feel fearful and tense or have an intense feeling of dread without knowing why. Anxiety may also include other unpleasant feeling such as fast heart rate or feeling dizzy and sick. Dry mouth, sweating and feeling hot. Also headaches and fast breathing. Anxiety can also make people feel that they are going mad or loosing control, or that they have some sort of psychological imbalance.


It is important to remember that everyone can have feelings of anxiety at some point in their life. For example you may feel worried or anxious about having medical tests. starting a new job, or moving house. During these times feeling anxious is perfectly normal. However, some people find it difficult to control their worries and anxiety which can then start to take over and begin to affect their daily life. However with treatment many people are able to control their levels of anxiety. 


I have found in practice, a combination approach in treatment works well. I usually combine a form of Cognitive behavioural therapy with a Psychodynamic style of therapy in order to address underlying problems as well. Cognitive behavioural therapy CBT is recommended by and used in the NHS for the treatment of anxiety related issues. CBT looks at our underlying beliefs and thoughts about the world around us as well as our opinion and beliefs about ourselves.

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Anxiety Specialist 

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