Counselling & Psychotherapy Holborn & Farringdon EC1R 5HL
Counselling & Psychotherapy Holborn & Farringdon EC1R 5HL

Brent Carville Magee MBPS  Anxiety Specialist

Currently working Face to Face & Online

Psychotherapy for individuals & couples Central London Holborn & Bloomsbury WC1A 2BP- 2 minutes Holborn tube station. I am an experienced & qualified psychotherapist mostly working with a mix of cognitive behavioural therapy CBT & Psychodynamic theory. I have seen countless clients improve with these techniques over the years.  I am experienced in treating both individuals & couples in private practice.  My approach to helping is active & engaged, non- judgemental, relaxed, supportive & collaborative. I also have a good sense of humour. I am committed to providing therapy that brings meaningful change to your life!


Why people seek therapy


People seek counselling & psychotherapy with a wide range of concerns such as, feeling stressed & anxious. Feeling fearful generally or in certain situations. Coming to terms with loss such as bereavement, divorce or redundancy. Also lack of confidence, self-esteem or an inability to make or sustain good relationships as well as repeatedly becoming involved in unsatisfactory & destructive relationships. Addictions, & associated problems around addiction. Feeling sad or empty, lacking a sense of purpose in life.


How does psychotherapy help?


Counselling & Psychotherapy can help reduce stress and anxiety & help us become more aware of how we relate to ourselves & others. It can also provide a space for insight, growth & ultimately change. Therapy is also a relationship & is the connection between client & therapist which can also contribute to change. A trusting therapeutic relationship encourages us to be our true selves, challenges us to see our blind spots, & supports us in accessing our strengths so we can let go of our defenses that keep us from moving forward. 




My style is an eclectic mix of psychodynamically informed & cognitive behavioural therapy CBT


Psychodynamic therapy is designed to help clients explore the full range of their emotions, including feelings they may not be aware of. By making the unconscious elements of their life a part of their present experience, psychodynamic therapy helps people to understand how their behaviour & mood can be affected by unresolved issues & unconscious feelings


Cognitive behavioural therapy CBT on the other hand focuses on how you think about the things going on in your life- your thoughts, beliefs & attitudes (cognitive processes), & how this can impact on the way you behave & how you deal with emotional problems. CBT also looks at how you can change any negative patterns or beliefs you may hold, that may be causing you difficulties. By doing this, CBT can help change the way you think & feel about yourself, others, & your life.


Counselling & Psychotherapy for individuals & couples Holborn Bloomsbury Soho WC1A





Holborn & Clerkenwell Pychotherapy 

Anxiety Specialist 

Monday - Thursday 10am-8pm

Second Floor- 9 Coldbath  Square EC1R 5HL

Accepted insurance WPA- AVIVA - Aetna global benefits 

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact:

0744614 7686


Graduate member of the British Psychological Sociey BPS


Member National counselling society NCS (accred) British association for counselling & Psychotherapy MBACP & member of the British Psychological Society BPS